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Oct 16 2017

What Kind of Animal Should You Be

Here is the weekly note written by D. Frantz…

Darin has been listening to a very inspiring, motivational speaker lately.  Every now and then he makes me listen to.  This month he had our Staff listen to it.  It was THAT good!

The speaker was talking about what kind of animal your team/family should be like.  He says when asked what type of animal you should be most people answer, “Lion” or “Bear” or “Hippo”, something obviously ferocious and territorial.  (I personally was thinking about becoming a cat so I can lay in the sunshine all day.) Next he said people choose wolves or hyenas because of their dominance.  Or maybe a salmon because they struggle against all odds to mate (then die). Or how about the eagle?  What better symbolizes our ability to navigate the storms of life and fly above the clouds.  Every example he came up with had a negative side.  Eagles often kill their own siblings in the nest while mom & dad watch (I had days like that as a child).

The answer to the question of what animal you should behave like is….drumroll….the DUCK!  Yep.  Donald…Daffy….Duck.

I will tell you I love being near the water and we spend a lot of time at Table Rock Lake.  We feed the ducks and geese and constantly entertain ourselves with their antics.  We’ve named a few peculiar ones and we’re kinda sad that they’re all starting to migrate south for the winter.  A small handful will over-winter with us, but the majority will be gone soon.

I sat on my porch listening to a group of geese organize their morning: “Honk…honk-honk….honk….honk-honk”.  I knew exactly what they were talking about.  I’ve packed for trips before, especially with children. There were some lolly-taggers who hadn’t gotten their act together. A few were off swimming in the wrong direction. I think the dad said, “Go to the bathroom…we’re about to leave.  I’m not stopping.”

Within a few minutes they were all assembled and ready to leave. They are amazing.  I want to be able to put a microphone and little GPS tracker on each one.  I want to know who decides when they leave and who decides when they stop.  I want to know who takes the lead first and if anyone giggles when they say they’re tired and need to fade back.

Those migrating birds are 71% more efficient because they work together!  Seventy-one percent?  That is incredible.  They can fly 1000’s of miles only because they’re a team and they share the burden.  Their very graceful “V” formation creates an uplift and allows them to do things a single duck or goose could not do alone.

I’m thinking I want to be a duck now.  I want to know that my family makes life easier for other families.  I want the wind in my wings to help lift someone else up.  I want to honk!

What animal would you be?

Dr. Frantz

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