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About Us

Welcome to the Collinsville Veterinary Hospital. Now you are part of our family.


The Collinsville Veterinary name has been around the Collinsville area for over 35 years. Our staff is excited to serve the Collinsville community with high quality Veterinary services. We invite you to stop in, look around and most of all to bring your pets back for any needs they might need. We take your pets care very seriously and want them to live a long and productive life that will bring joy to your home. We want to be your home town Veterinarian.

Everything we do at the Collinsville Veterinary Hospital is about a€œ better life together€. We want to provide you and your pet a longer life together. When you ask us about your pet’€™s health, our answer will always be the best option for a long happy healthy life.

We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we can give your pet a longer, healthier life by maintaining an ideal weight, keeping their teeth & gums clean and by staying on your yearly health preventatives like vaccines, blood work, heartworm prevention and flea and tick control.

Contact us with your questions or schedule an appointment.