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New Hospital Now Open

Check out our Take a Tour page to see more new Hospital pics.

Update 3/31/15

We got the sealer sprayed on the floors today. We are going to try and have the new Hospital open June 8th. Come check it out.



Update 5/13/15
The brick is on and we even got to paint the old building to match. The sheetrock is done and we are working on doors and woodwork trim. The cabinets and granite countertops are coming next Monday. We have tentatively set a Grand Opening for June 27th. Mark your Calendars.


Update 4/15/15
The progress on the new Hospital is progressing very fast. The roof is on and work is continuing on the inside. Stop by and let us know what you think.


Big Big Big Huge News… We are building a new Clinic to better serve you. We will be building a new state of the art Hospital in front of the existing Clinic on the same property. We received approval last month from the zoning board so it is full steam ahead now. It should be open by the summer of this year! We know this will enable us to provide even better care and make your experience while visiting us much more enjoyable. Look for dirt moving very soon. Ask Brenda to see the plans of the new building when you come in. Click to enlarge images

Floor Plan

C:SWE-ARCH2014.018-FRANTZ2014_018mainbase Model (1)


Site Plan

C:SWE-ARCH2014.018-FRANTZ2014.018-FRANTZ_SP101 Model (1)


C:SWE-ARCH2014.018-FRANTZ2014.018-FRANTZ_A201 Model (1)